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broadcast date “Die Pfefferkörner”: Ninth generation takes up the investigation

„Die Pfefferkörner"

broadcast date “Die Pfefferkörner”: Ninth generation takes up the investigation

13 new episodes from 12th of November 2017, always Sundays, in Das Erste

Four out of five Pfefferkörner have been featured in the movie “Die Pfefferkörner and the Curse of the Black King” since September, and as of Sunday, November 12, 2017, the ninth-generation of investigators will be on show for TV viewers in Das Erste round from the new Pfefferkörner, Mia (Marleen Quentin), Alice (Emilia Flint), Benny (Ruben Storck), Johannes (Luke Matt Röntgen) and Lisha (Emma Roth).

The five young Hamburgers have their hands full in the 14th season of the award-winning children’s and youth series, to put a stop to crooks and criminals. A sabotage act on the new café of Mias and Alice’s mother (Annika Martens) is to clear up. The theft of the most precious pink diamond must be prevented. A vanished boa constrictor leads the peppercorns to an incredible story about laxatives and vibrant packages. Even with machinations in the seemingly corrupt book market and the strange world of a school for bodyguards, they get busy. When the Englishman’s work is stolen from the teacher Martin Schulze (Janek Rieke), the Pfefferkörner suspects Benny himself. But the five friends from the Speicherstadt hold firm despite the usual problems in the school, in the love or in the parents’ home and can also solve this case.

In other roles to see are u.a. Ole Eisfeld, Meike Kircher and Altamasch Noor.

You can see the 13 episodes from 12th of November 2017, always Sundays, in Das Erste.

The books are by Anja Jabs (Fo. 170/171, 174, 182), Catharina Junk (Fo. 180/181), Andrea Katzenberger (Fo 175/176), Joerg Reiter (Fo 177/176/179), Katja Kittendorf (Fo. 172) and Andreas Dir (Fo. 173). Directed by Daniel Drechsel-Grau (1st block, fo. 170-173), Andrea Katzenberger (2nd block, fo. 174-179) and Florian Schnell (3rd block, fo. 180-182). Behind the camera stood Uwe Neumeister (Fo. 170-173) and Marius von Felbert (Fo. 174-182).

“Die Pfefferkörner” are produced by Letterbox Filmproduktion (Producer: Holger Ellermann) on behalf of the ARD under the auspices of the NDR for Das Erste. The editorship is by Sandra Le Blanc-Marissal (NDR) Editor: Ole Kampovski.

The broadcast dates at a glance:

Sunday, 12. November 2017
8:05 am: The rat is set (episode 170)
8:35 am: The pink diamond (171)
9:00 am: A book for Murphy (172)

Sunday, November 19, 2017
8:05 am: The Bodyguard (173)
8:35 clock: worse always (174)
9:00 am: The apple does not fall far from the stem (175)

Sunday, November 26, 2017
8:00 am: clearance (176)

Sunday, December 3, 2017
8:05 am: The Tipping Mafia (177)
8:35 am: The Wrong Serpent (178)
9:00 am: Flight to Afghanistan (179)

Sunday, December 17, 2017
8:05 am: Next level (180)
8:35 am: Because I’m a girl (181)
9:00 am: Everything is upside down (182)

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