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“Der Tatortreiniger” wins the German Comedy Award for the third time

„Der Tatortreiniger“

“Der Tatortreiniger” wins the German Comedy Award for the third time

On Tuesday evening, the best comedy performances of the year were honored at the presentation of the German Comedy Award 2017 in Cologne. Once again, the cult format “Der Tatortreiniger”, produced by LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION on behalf of the NDR, was able to prevail and was awarded the prize for the “Best Comedy Series”. The team around crime scene cleaner Heiko “Schotty” Schotte aka Bjarne Mädel has already won the coveted trophy for the third time. Overall, prizes were awarded in twelve categories.

“We are very excited about the third comedy prize and congratulate everyone involved in the project, especially Bjarne Mädel for his great portrayal of the Schotty,” said Michael Lehmann, CEO of Studio Hamburg Produktion Group.

“It’s unbelievable that we could take home the comedy prize this year. With “Der Tatortreiniger” we have a format that has been causing a sensation for years and is writing a success story. Of course, this is due to the well-rehearsed team around author Mizzi Meyer, director Arne Feldhusen and actor Bjarne Mädel, who develop their stories extremely lovingly and enthusiastically “, says Kerstin Ramcke, producer of the LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION.

Scotty’s work begins when others vomit in horror. If there is a crime scene to clean, he is on the spot. Wipe away blood, remove remains – no problem for the crime scene cleaner. The kinky Schotty often meets very bizarre types.

“Der Tatortreiniger” is a production of LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION GmbH on behalf of NDR. The author is Mizzi Meyer, directed by Arne Feldhusen. Producer is Kerstin Ramcke, executive producer: Wolfgang Henningsen. The editors at NDR have Philine Rosenberg, Silvia Overath and Dr. med. Bernhard Gleim.

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