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Broadcasting date “Over the border – Everything on one card” on 07.December 2017, at 20:15 in Das Erste

Über die Grenze

Broadcasting date “Over the border – Everything on one card” on 07.December 2017, at 20:15 in Das Erste

Shortly after her debut as a member of the cross-border police unit in Kehl, the young criminal commissioner Leni Herold is already doing it. In the event of a failed access, she is taken hostage by two bank robbers in front of her father, Task Force Manager Steffen Herold. In no time at all Steffen has to decide whether the perpetrators are overwhelmed – and thus the life of his daughter is endangered. He decides against it, the two armed robbers can flee with Leni. While the criminals flee across the border with Leni, Steffens colleague Ségolène Combass tries to convince him to leave the persecution to her.
In the power of the criminals, Leni Herold quickly states that reality is massively different from trained police knowledge. Their own fear of death and the erratic, often completely irrational behavior of the two gangsters force them to decisions, as they are in any textbook. And also Steffen, full of fear for the life of the daughter, falls precarious decisions, where he has only his former best friend Yves Kleber at his side. Steffen and Yves know each other well and decide to save Leni in their own way. (more…)

Production: Polyphon Pictures GmbH
Client SWR
Screenplay: Felice Götze and Sabine Radebold
Director: Michael Rowitz
Camera: Stefan Unterberger
Music: Michael Rowitz
Producer: Sabine Tettenborn

Thomas Sarbacher as Steffen Herold
Anke Retzlaff as Leni Herold
Philippe Caroit as Yves Kléber
Sebastian Hülk as Danne Marquardt
Rick Okon as Milou Jangy
Bernhard Piesk as Tino Lohrer
Noémie Kocher as Ségolène Combass

Braodcasting date 07.12.2017 at 20:15, Das Erste

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