Over 10 million viewers watched the 25th case of Charlotte Lindholm

Tatort: Der Fall Holdt

Over 10 million viewers watched the 25th case of Charlotte Lindholm

With 10.22 million viewers and a market share of just under 28.1%, the “crime scene: Der Fall Holdt” was unbeatable yesterday evening. Thus, the 25th case for Charlotte Lindholm alias Maria Furtwängler left his competition far behind and scored a clear quota victory. Even among the younger audience could produce the produced by the Nordfilm crime scene for the NDR: 2.60 million viewers between the ages of 14 and 49 brought the ARD in this age group the day’s victory.

The new case led Charlotte Lindholm into human abysses and she herself to the brink of resilience: In the vicinity of Walsrode, the banker’s wife Julia Holdt was kidnapped. In bright panic, Frank Holdt (Aljoscha Stadelmann), her husband and head of a local bank, asks his wealthy in-laws Christian and Gudrun Rebenow (Ernst Stötzner and Hedi Kriegeskotte) for help with the required ransom. He can not raise the sum by the appointed date alone. Against the express will of Holdt Christian Rebenow informs the police; then Holdt transfers the money single-handedly.

Feverishly the investigation starts. After a short while, Holdt himself becomes the target of the investigation. Charlotte Lindholm finds out together with her colleague Frauke Schäfer (Susanne Bormann) that he is deeply in debt, his marriage at the end and that Julia Holdt had a lover. As evidence of domestic violence, Holdt becomes more and more involved in contradictory statements. Apparently, he has also phoned the day before the kidnapping with the perpetrators. Then Julia Holdt is found brutally murdered …

In the NDR “Tatort” play next to Maria Furtwängler u.a. Moritz Jahn, Annika Martens and Stephan Grossmann and Adam Bousdoukos.

“Tatort: Der Fall Holdt” is a production of Nordfilm GmbH on behalf of the NDR for Das Erste. Director: Anne Zohra Berrached, Author: Jan Braren, Camera: Bernhard Keller, Editor: Denys Darahan, Music: Jasmin Reuter, Sound: Ben Krüger, Production Manager: Anne Baeker, Jost Nolting (NDR), Producer: Sybille Maddauss, Producer: Kerstin Ramcke. The editors at NDR have Christian Granderath and Christoph Pellander.

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