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Broadcast time: “Underneath the Ice” – The touching family drama with David Rott and Henry Hübchen

Unterm Eis

On Friday, February 6, 2015, at 8.15 pm, the drama “Underneath the Ice” by award-winning director Jörg Grünler is shown on channel “Das Erste”. The touching film is about the self-discovery of a young man (played by David Rott) torn between guilt, family responsibilities and a self-determined life. The impressive, wild and romantic mountains of Norway are a subtle symbol of the hardened conflicts of people which are gradually broken up.

“Underneath the Ice” is a production of Studio Hamburg Filmproduktion on behalf of ARD Degeto. The film was directed by Jörg Grünler, the screenplay was written by Silke Zertz. The film was produced by Sabine Timmermann, the editors are Stefan Kruppa and Sascha Schwingel (both ARD Degeto).

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