The Studio Hamburg Group

Studio Hamburg Group
Studio Hamburg is Germany’s leading production and service centre for film and television. Founded in 1947 in the city of Hamburg, today the company is the corporate headquarters for a nationally operating network with the business divisions Atelier and Technology, Production and Distribution, Consulting and Services.

Besides public and private broadcasting networks, freelance film and television producers are also among the Group’s clientele.

In addition to award-winning feature films for the cinema and made-for-TV films, the production group’s portfolio includes series that everyone here knows: “Tatort”, “Doctor´s Diary”, “Die Rettungsflieger”, “Der Dicke”, “Notruf Hafenkante”, “Die Schwarzwaldklinik”, “Doppelter Einsatz”, “Die Gerichtsmedizinerin”, “Großstadtrevier”, “Das Traumschiff”, “Familie Dr. Kleist” or “Stubbe – von Fall zu Fall”, as well as nature-film documentaries for the ARD network. With “Rote Rosen”, a telenovela, Studio Hamburg is implementing series produced on an ‘industrialised’ scale, too.