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Studio Hamburg von oben Drohne

COVID-19 Notice
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible to organize on-site tours. If you are interested in a virtual presentation of the Studio Hamburg Group and a Q&A session, please contact us.

On our premises in Hamburg-Tonndorf we offer guided tours for groups (e.g. for school classes, study and senior groups, associations and holiday programs). The tours usually take place in the morning. They consist of a 45-minute presentation of the Studio Hamburg Group and a Q&A session as well as a 60 to 90-minute tour of our studios. There also is the possibility of having lunch in our cafeteria “Filmkantine” afterwards.

Unfortunately, it is not possible  to organize guided tours for private individuals.

Due to short-term production dates, we are not able to tell in advance which studios and sets can be vistited. The sets of NOTRUF HAFENKANTE and GROSSSTADTREVIER are build up permanently and often part of the tour, depending on availability. Generally, visits during production, “while shooting”, are not possible.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Jana Sokolinski
Phone: +49 40 6688-2207

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Information on guided tours on the ROTE ROSEN set in Lüneburg is available on the official ROTE ROSEN Facebook page.